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At SRK ONLINE, we specialize in providing top-notch management consultancy services across various industries. Our expertise spans Consumer Products, Fashion, Luxury, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality, Travel & Leisure, Sustainable practices, and E-Commerce.

Electronic Store

Consumer Products

We specialize in empowering the consumer goods industry with our expert consultancy services. Our focus areas include consumer electronics, mobility devices, and IT computing hardware products. We provide tailored solutions to help you innovate, streamline operations, and expand market presence.


Whether you're launching new products or optimizing existing ones, SRK ONLINE is dedicated to driving growth and efficiency in your business. 


Our focus areas include women's fashion, eyewear, and jewelry. We provide tailored solutions to help you innovate, streamline operations, and optimise your inventories.

Whether you're launching new collections or optimizing existing lines, partner with us to elevate your fashion offerings and achieve unparalleled success.

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Luxury Goods

We specialize in empowering the luxury goods industry by enhancing customer experience and developing staff skills. Our expertise covers luxury watches, leather goods, automotive, and high-end jewelry.


We provide tailored solutions to refine your customer interactions and elevate service quality. By focusing on staff training and skill development, we ensure your team delivers exceptional service, creating memorable experiences for your clients.


We empower the retail industry with our expert consultancy services, focusing on enhancing store design, leveraging consumer analytics, retail audits, developing standard operating procedures (SOPs), and optimizing formats from large retail spaces to kiosk outlets.


Our tailored solutions aim to create engaging and efficient retail environments, ensuring a superior customer experience and operational excellence.

Supermarket Aisle
Dubai City View

Real Estate

We specialize in empowering the real estate industry by training sales staff to excel in selling luxury properties. Our comprehensive services include lead generation, effective customer handling, deal closure, and objection handling skills.


By focusing on these critical areas, we ensure your team is equipped to deliver exceptional service and achieve sales success. Partner with us to elevate your real estate business and reach new heights of excellence.


We are dedicated to enhancing the service quality of restaurants, hotels, and service-oriented businesses through our specialized training programs. Our expert-led sessions focus on three core areas: Customer Experience, Managing Customer Expectations, and CRM Activities.


We provide your sales staff with practical skills for delivering exceptional service, understanding and exceeding guest expectations, and effectively utilizing CRM systems to foster better relationships with customers.

Restaurant Chef
Ocean View Room

Travel & Leisure

We are passionate about elevating the service standards in the travel and leisure industry. Our specialized training programs cater to airlines, cruises, hotels, spas, and health clubs, focusing on three key areas: Skill Development of Staff, Customer Experience, and Managing Customer Expectations.


We offer targeted workshops and coaching to help your team develop essential skills for delivering exceptional service, creating memorable guest experiences, and effectively managing expectations. Our expert-led training covers techniques for personalized interactions, setting and exceeding service goals, and utilizing feedback for continuous improvement.


We are committed to advancing sustainability by focusing on the core principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Our tailored programs are designed to help individuals and businesses embrace eco-friendly practices by minimizing waste, utilizing natural products, and adopting sustainable habits in daily life.


We offer practical strategies and expert guidance on effective waste reduction techniques, innovative ways to reuse resources, and best practices for recycling to foster a greener future. Join us in our mission to promote environmental responsibility and create lasting positive impacts.

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Online Business


We offer end-to-end e-commerce solutions designed to elevate your online business. From building your website using the latest platforms to payment gateway integration and last-mile delivery solutions, we cover every aspect of your e-commerce journey. Our expert team provides tailored services to help you increase customer traffic and maximize conversions, ensuring your online store thrives in a competitive market.


With our support, you’ll benefit from cutting-edge technology, effective marketing strategies, and efficient logistics solutions. Partner with us to transform your e-commerce vision into a successful reality.


For more details or to start your project, contact us today.

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